Camorra Murder : number 26

On the 6th of May 2008, via Regina Margherita, a street in Secondigliano district, Pasquale Salomone, 45 years old, was waiting for someone  when two hired killers arrived. Then, they shot to death Pasquale Salamone. The victim was linked to the Licciardi clan. This napolitan mafia family is a very powerful one. The Licciardi mob organisation is inside a cartel namned « Alleanza di Secondigliano » (Secondigliano ‘s alliance). This criminal  ssociation controls the north suburbs of Napoli. See the map above.
A citizen has been injured by a bullet during this mafia operation. But, in Italy, innocents are always specific. And naturally, there is no witness…
It is the 26th Camorra’s killing since the beginning of the year.


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