Flare à la journée européenne contre la corruption

December 9 is the International Anti-Corruption Day, designated by the UN General Assembly in 2003. December 10 is the Human Rights Day, celebrated annually across the world.

Despite the distance that only apparently separates the two commemoration days, we intend to show the chain rings that link illegality, brought about by organised crime syndicates, with corruption and violations of basic human rights.

On December 9 we intend to open a focus on a particular countermeasure that can reveal to be very efficient in the fight against organised crime. The countermeasure entails the confiscation of criminal assets and the use of them for social purposes. Such procedure took the form of a law in Italy since 1996 and it proved to be a juridical tool capable of achieving two results: to efficiently hit organised crime’s economical power; to send a tremendous message to civil society and OC affiliates that organised crime is indeed defeatable and that their assets can be destined to the population again.

FLARE Network and Transparency International present the conference « Corruption organised crime, and illegal economies a serious challenge in the EU: confiscation and social reuse as a European countermeasure ” (cf. Lobbying antimafia à Bruxelles) will therefore explain the mechanism and preview the potentiality if a similar juridical countermeasure is adopted at European level….

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