‘Ndrangheta « mafia number one »

Eurispes, the politic, economic and social institute has just published his last report on organized crime in Italy. According to Eurispes, The ‘Ndrangheta, the calabrian mafia,  has becomed the richest and the most dangerous criminal organisation for the italian state. This analysis confirmes the latest reports from the antimafia parliamentary commission and from the italian intelligence services (art. 13). Recently, the United State administration decided to include the ‘Ndrangheta into his black list considering calabrian mafia has infiltrated lots of parts of the economy in the USA.

According to Eurispes, in 2007, the calabrian mafia earned 44 thousands millions euros. It would represent 2,9% of the italian Gross National Product (GNP estimed at 1.535 thousand millions euros). The “‘Ndrangheta holding’s” annual income is as important as the GNP of Estonia (13,2 thousands millions euros) added to the slovenian one (30,4 thousands millions d’euros).

Drug trafficking is still a profitable activity with 27,24 thousands millions euros a year (62% of the total incomes). Almost each gramme of cocaïne consumed in Italy has been dealt by the mob calabrian families called “’ndrina”.


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